Youth Mentorship Initiatives

Fostering Diversity within Youth Mentorship Initiatives

Mentorship provides a crucial bridge between the aspirations of the younger generation and the wisdom of those who have traversed similar paths. However, the landscape of youth mentorship initiatives still has many barriers to be shattered in pursuing true diversity and inclusivity. Breaking down these boundaries within youth mentorship programs is essential, emphasizing the transformative…

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Meet Little Louis & Big Dianne

My favorite BBBSLI memory was the heartwarming moment when Louis and I met for the first time. The play on words were “You’re stuck with me forever” to convey the idea that he has become a cherished part of my life. At this unexpected moment, deep connections are formed, and it seems like you have…

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Big Allison and Little Bre

Meet Little Breanna & Big Allison

My favorite BBBSLI memory was meeting Bre for the first time and knowing she was the perfect match for me! From the minute we met, we have been instantly connected and have never had an issue of not bonding or growing together! BBBSLI has made me want to be a better person. It has made…

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Big Brother Big Sister Building

Impact of BBBSLI Youth Mentorship Programs

There are various initiatives run by BBBSLI that are created and curated to facilitate the development of young individuals. We are dedicated to our cause of creating wonderful lives for our mentees or Littles. From providing financial assistance to helping Littles navigate the various challenges of life, we try our best to create a strong…

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A mentor helping mentee in learning new skills

How to Become a Mentor

Being a mentor is a matter of great pride. However, it is also a great opportunity that comes with its own set of responsibilities. Becoming a mentor allows you to create a bond with your mentee and learn from their life experiences as well. You learn as much as you teach and it is certainly…

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