Chief Executive Officer
Mark Cox

As Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark Cox guides the agency’s vision and mission, leading nearly 75 employees including BBBSLI’s Mentoring Agency and the BBBSLI Donation Center. For over a decade, Mr. Cox has been an instrumental part of the agency’s leadership, first as Chief Development Officer followed by his current position of CEO.

Since becoming CEO in 2013, the agency has experienced consistent growth in staff size as well as the number of children served by BBBSLI’s mentoring programs. This growth has been achieved by increasing the number of Community Based matches as well as expanding the agency’s Site Based programs.

He has also implemented strategies responsible for a 300% increase in the Donation Center’s net profits, of which 100% of the net proceeds go directly towards supporting the mentoring program.

As CEO, Mr. Cox has developed the agency’s Board of Directors by working closely with its members on the vision for the agency’s future growth and success. This has included the formation of a diversity committee, the development of a detailed strategic plan as well as the implementation of investment strategies to grow the agency’s funds.

Mr. Cox is also actively involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBSA), serving in his second year as a member of the National Leadership Committee. He also serves as co-chair of BBBSA’s Partnership Development Committee.

Prior to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island, Mr. Cox worked as the Associate Director of Athletics for External Affairs at Hofstra University. He graduated from Hofstra University with a BBA in Marketing in 1992 and earned a Master of Science and Education with distinction in 2001. Mr. Cox also played four years of football and lacrosse and was recipient of the 1991 Iron Mike Award which is presented to the best collegiate football player on Long Island.

Mr. Cox is a member of Molloy College’s Energeia Partnership Leadership Academy, Class of 2019, which is dedicated to identifying and addressing the serious, complex and multi-dimensional issues challenging the Long Island region. His additional memberships include the Edward Smith Mineola Lion’s Club and the Executive Business Association. He resides in Westbury with his wife, Teri, and has two children Kirstin and Tyler.

Leadership Team

Meredith Michaels

Chief Development & Marketing Officer

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Fabiola Turner

Chief Program Officer

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Kereyne St. Hillaire

Director of Finance

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Carmelina Vassallo

Director of Human Resources

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Joanne  Burroughs

Program Manager

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Shedely Polynice

Match Support Program Supervisor

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Lauren Laurore

Program Manager

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Betty Smith

Program Supervisor | Rise Up

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Kayla Aponte

Match Support Specialist

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Makenzy Chaikin

Match Engagement Specialist

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Jess Cohen

Digital Content Creator

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Taylor Harran

Match Support Specialist

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Mary Joya

Match Support Specialist

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Matt O’Brien

Development & Event Fundraising Specialist

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Gabriella Ramirez

Senior Enrollment Specialist

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Emilia Souza

Enrollment Specialist

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Lucy Brito

Match Support Specialist

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Alex Chevez

Recruitment Specialist

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Crystal Hamilton

Customer Relations Specialist

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Amanda Illig

Match Support Specialist

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Michenka Juin

Match Support Specialist

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Jessica Levonick

Enrollment Specialist

(631) 273-1469 Ext. 223

Saunisha Plaisir

Recruitment Specialist

(516) 731-7880 Ext. 237

Danielle Taylor

Marketing & Event Specialist

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Carrie Thorne

Grant Specialist

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