Bigs in Blue

Bigs in Blue was started to help increase the good will and connection between children in our community and the local police force, firefighters, sheriff’s office and other first-responders. These relationships can help build stronger bonds between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Our Bigs in Blue will meet with their Littles on a regular basis at the Little’s school or in the community. The role of the mentor is to provide emotional support and encourage them to see their self-worth.

Close-up of police office uniform

Bigs in Blue Program Goals


Enhance the quality of children’s lives


Emphasize the importance of education

Promote careers in public safety


Connect public safety professionals with youth in positive ways


Reduce crime and youth/community violence

Sports Buddies

Along with Bigs in Blue, our Sports Buddies program gives Littles, along with their Bigs, the opportunity to engage in sports and physical activities while promoting healthy lifestyles.

The Sports Buddies mentoring program provides mentoring for children facing adversity, especially boys who might otherwise have to be turned away or wait months to be matched with a mentor because of the high need for more male volunteers.

In addition, the program provides unique opportunities for children from low-income families to experience participatory and spectator sports. Many of these children do not have an opportunity to join sports teams or to otherwise participate in the wide variety of athletics available to them through Sports Buddies.

A Little holding a football

Sports Buddies Program Goals:

These mentoring relationships will impact youth by helping them to:


Improve their sense of themselves and sense of future


Form positive relationships with peers and family


Avoid risky or delinquent behavior

Achieve educational success

Take the First Step in Becoming a Mentor