One-to-One Match

An adult volunteer from the community is matched with a child who, due to family or environmental factors, could significantly benefit from the additional support and guidance a mentor provides. Consistency is key to the success of the relationship between a child and their mentor. Children in our program look forward to seeing their Big regularly. Spending consistent time together allows for a meaningful and lasting relationship to develop.

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Sibling Support Program

Our Sibling Support Program, which is part of our Community-Based mentoring program, specifically focuses on matching the siblings of special needs children with a volunteer mentor. Mentors can provide the additional support and individualized attention a sibling may be seeking. The volunteers meet with the children regularly, sharing activities, experiences and friendship.

Raising a child with special needs presents unique challenges. Parents often feel pulled in several different directions and there may be times when other children in the family need additional attention. Siblings often share many of the concerns that parents of children with special needs experience, including isolation and apprehension about the future.

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Program Goals

A Sibling Support match is designed to enrich the life of a child by providing one-to-one interaction and support for issues commonly faced by a special needs sibling including resentment, peer issues, embarrassment and pressure to achieve.

Big Couples

What is a Big Couple?

Big Couples is another one of our community-based mentoring programs. As a Big Couple through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island, you and your spouse or long-term partner can both become Bigs to a Little in our program. You can all do things together and/or you can each share time with the Little individually. This is a great way to spend time together while also changing the life of a child. And, the child benefits from having a Big Brother and a Big Sister

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A Big and Little sitting and talking on rocks

Mentor Together

There isn’t a better way to volunteer than to do it with your spouse. By being a Big Couple, you can help impact a child’s life without sacrificing time with your spouse. There are over 70 Little Brothers waiting for a Big Brother or Big Couple, you can make a difference so start something today.

More than 70% of our children waiting for a Big are boys. One way to match these waiting boys is to match them with a Big Couple. It’s good for the kid because they can experience a healthy, loving relationship. It’s also good for the volunteers because they don’t have to give up time with each other to volunteer.

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