Teenage Mentorship Program

LITTLE Steps, BIG Change: How Small Efforts Transform Lives

When it comes to mentoring programs for young adults, IT TAKES LITTLE TO BE BIG. BBBSLI is dedicated to improving lives and defending the potential that is at risk of getting wasted. We believe small efforts can make significantly big changes in the life of someone. We have teenage mentoring programs during which we match…

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How to become a mentor

A Step-by-Step Guide on How You Can Enroll to Become a BIG

Do you want to become a mentor? Are you wondering what it is like being a mentor to youth? Then, this is the right place for you! At BBBSLI, we run youth mentoring programs that are aimed at creating a safe environment for young people. We want to provide them with guidance and emotional support…

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A women packing some clothes for donation

Donation Care 101: Where to Donate Clothes

Donating clothes is a noble activity, but it should be done with extreme care. It is important to be mindful during the donation process. It is not as simple as selecting clothes, putting them in a box, and dropping them off. It takes much more thought and care. Careful consideration is needed to find out…

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An image of a Mentor guiding the mentee under BBBSLI's Career Mentorship Program

‘RISE UP’ With Our Career Mentorship Program

At BBBSLI, we believe in the upliftment and empowerment of youth. Our RISE UP Career Mentorship Program provides young individuals with valuable guidance to help them achieve their professional goals. We have started this job mentoring program to foster a positive attitude and instill professional values into LITTLES. Our Career Mentorship Program aims to partner…

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BBBSLI Youth Mentoring Program


We at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island (“BBBSLI”) know that there truly is magic in mentoring! A good mentor will shine light on a child’s gifts and lift that child high enough to reach their dreams. For over four decades, our special mission at BBBSLI has been to create and support one-to-one mentoring…

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Mentoring Youth

3 Reasons Why Mentoring Youth is So Impactful

Through small donations of volunteers’ time, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island has been making a difference in the lives of local youth since 1977. The Community and Site-based mentorship programs help children from all walks of life with everything, from educational achievements to social development.

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Recycled Clothing

How Recycled Clothing Can Help the Environment

When donating clothing to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island, you are clearing the path to a child’s biggest and brightest possible future. But, did you know that donating clothing is also good for the environment? Here are a few reasons why recycled clothing is considered to be environmentally-friendly.

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Benefits of Mentoring

Benefits of Mentoring A Child

Big Brothers Big Sisters has been changing lives and shaping communities through mentorship since 1904. Right now, there are almost 400,000 mentors and families engaged throughout the country. However, there are still children right here on Long Island waiting for a Big Brother or Big Sister. In just a few hours a month, you can…

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