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Here at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island, we provide strong, professionally-supported one-to-one relationships to children facing adversity. None of this would be possible without support from our Donation Center. So if you have some extra apparel lying around, here are a few reasons to contribute a clothing donation to BBBSLI.

The Top Reasons for Contributing a Clothing Donation

1.      Making a Difference

Each clothing donation we receive goes a long way towards changing the lives of Long Island children for the better. With hundreds of children currently on the wait list for big brothers or big sisters, these donations are more important now than ever.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island Donation Center has an exclusive partnership with Savers Thrift Stores that turns those donations into much needed funds, of which 100 percent supports the mentoring agency.

The partnership with Savers helps BBBSLI support its team of case managers and other staff that provides mentoring services and activities to over 500 children across Long Island. Additionally, families in the mentoring program facing hardship can receive vouchers to shop at Long Island Savers stores for items they need at NO cost.

So get the most out of your used or unwanted clothing by donating them to a cause that matters.

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2.      The Importance of Recycling

Not only is your clothing donation helping to provide mentoring services to more children across Long Island, it also helps make the world a greener, safer place to live. By giving a second life to your clothing, you are actively ensuring that they do not get added to the over 10.5 million tons of clothes that goes into landfills every year in America.

Although bottle and can recycling is the norm, clothing donations are just as important for the environment. Just consider the hundreds of thousands of gallons of water that are used to manufacture new clothing.

Denim cut into a recycling symbol

3.      Convenience

It couldn’t be easier to donate clothing to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island. Besides all of the convenient bin locations scattered across Long Island, you can also schedule a quick, easy pickup from wherever you’re located.

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4.      Tax Benefits

Because the government realizes how important donations are to local and national charities, there are tax deductions available for donors. When you donate, we will provide you with a tax-deductible receipt.

In addition to clothing donations, we also accept a wide variety of other items. Click here for the entire list of accepted donations.

A simple way to give local kids a big chance. Schedule a donation today.

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