Community Based

Community Based Mentoring Programs

  • Our Community Based Mentoring Program makes professionally supported 1-to-1 matches between a child facing adversity (Little) and a caring adult mentor (Big), positively impacting the lives of children and families across Long Island.


  • All volunteer mentors are extensively interviewed, screened and trained. BBBSLI provides every match with a professional program team member to monitor the relationship and offer guidance during its entirety.


  • The Big, Little, and his/her Parent/Guardian make a one-year commitment to the match relationship. Mentors and mentees agree to meet a minimum of twice a month for 2-4 hours enjoying low to no-cost activities.

1-to-1 Match

An adult volunteer from the community is matched with a child who, due to family or environmental factors, could significantly benefit from the additional support and guidance a mentor provides. Consistency is key to the success of the relationship between a child and their mentor. Children in our program look forward to seeing their “Big” regularly. Spending consistent time together allows for a meaningful and lasting relationship to develop.

Sibling Support Program

Our Sibling Support Program, which is part of our Community Based Mentoring Program, specifically focuses on matching the siblings of special needs children with a volunteer mentor. Mentors can provide the additional support and individualized attention a sibling may be seeking. A Sibling Support match is designed to enrich the life of a child by providing one-to-one interaction and support for issues commonly faced by a special needs sibling including resentment, peer issues, embarrassment and pressure to achieve.

Role models make an impact

Mentoring is preventative! National and local studies show that children with mentors show improvements in school attendance, performance, self-confidence and the ability to make good decisions. They also have improved relationships with their family and friends. Children with mentors are significantly less likely to drop out of school. Having a mentor also makes children less likely to engage in drug and gang activity.

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