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Meet Little Sister Angelica & Big Sister Chris

Angelica Gomez & Chris Vint Collage

Angelica and Christine have been matched since 2013. “Chris is always there for me. Girls my age talk about how they will be friends forever, but the truth is those friendships will probably disappear in a few years, it means so much to me to know that my friendship with Chris is one that will actually last a lifetime,” said Angelica.

Christine has helped Angelica become less shy and more comfortable in being unique. Christine shared, “When I was a child I was very shy, quiet and insecure. My mother got me involved in organizations where mentors helped me realize it was okay not being exactly like everyone else. This is something Angelica and I have talked a lot about and now I see a confidence in her that did not exist two years ago when we first met.”

“It’s great to have a best friend that has so much life experience to share with me. Chris really helps me understand things better from an adult’s perspective and that makes things easier for me at home with my parents,” said Angelica.

This past summer when Christine got married, Angelica was by her side as a bridesmaid. Christine explained, “My relationship with Angelica has become such an important and meaningful part of my life which is why I asked her to be a bridesmaid in my wedding. It was special for me to have the close people in my life who have heard about Angelica for years finally get to meet her”.

“When Chris asked me to be her bridesmaid it was such an exciting moment. It made me feel so special that she wanted me to be recognized as an important person who will be in her life forever,” expressed Angelica.

Christine is passionate about the importance of mentoring. She is thankful for the positive life changing experience becoming a Big Sister has had on her life. To express her gratitude and support of our mission, she gratuitously asked wedding guests to make a donation to BBBSLI in lieu of a gift.

Angelica shared, “I feel inspired by Chris’s generosity. She wanted to become a Big Sister to help someone she didn’t even know. She dedicates time to me and also spends time volunteering at the animal shelter. I am so thankful to Chris because it used to bother me how I always felt a little different from other kids my age, which made me very shy. Chris taught me to embrace the things that make me different from everyone else which has helped me feel more comfortable to finally be my true self.”

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