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Meet Little Brother Marven & Big Brother John

Marven and John have been matched since 2014 in our Site Based program at OpenLink. This summer they became the first match to make the transition from a Site Based match to a Community Based match. As a Site Based match they met bi-weekly at OpenLink’s offices as part of a group supervised by a BBBSLI case manager. As a Community Based match they will have the opportunity to continue their relationship, spending time together in various ways.

“Giving back to the community was something I really wanted to do and being matched with Marven in OpenLink’s Site Based mentoring program has been amazing,” said John.

He also said, “It feels great to be part of a milestone as the first match going from Site Based to the Community Based program and I hope we are a catalyst for others who want to make that transition”.

Marven shared, “My Big Brother John is the best Big Brother! He makes me feel very cared about and he is always so kind to me. At the start of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program at OpenLink I was really nervous to meet and spend time with someone I had never met before. But I knew I had to give it a shot and as time went on I got to know him better. Now I feel so comfortable with John and view him as someone who will always look out for me”.

“When I first met Marven two years ago he was very quiet and shy and now he has become more vocal and his confidence has definitely improved,” said John.

Both Marven and John are thrilled about continuing as a Community Based match and are excited about the new ways they can spend time together.

“I really look forward to all the different things Marven and I will now have the ability to do. Marven and I have a shared interest in football and that is something we bond over.  Now that we are a Community Based match I can help him practice and go to his games which is something both of us have wanted to be able to do,” said John.

Marven exclaimed, “I felt really happy when I found out that John and I would be continuing our match in the Community Based program. I am so excited about all the fun stuff we will be able to do now and I know we are going to have the best time together!  I love him very much and feel so thankful he is my Big Brother”.

Marven & John Collage for Summer 2016 Newsletter




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