In Match Highlights

Meet Little Justin & Big Bob

Justin and Bob have been matched since 2006. “When Bob came in to my life it meant everything. He gave me what I didn’t have. Without Bob in my life I would not be the person I am today,” said Justin.

Bob has been by Justin’s side to watch him mature into a confident and responsible young man. “I am so impressed with Justin’s sense of responsibility and how his confidence has developed over the years,” said Bob. Justin shared, “Without Bob in my life I would not be the person I am today. He has helped me progress into a more confident and outgoing person.”

Bob has instilled many life lessons in Justin that have had a positive influence on his life. Justin said, “One of the most valuable lessons Bob has taught me is to always keep my head up. He has made me realize that everything will be alright … no matter what. Bob has instilled in me the importance of listening and showing interest in other people. This has helped me so much in becoming who I am today.”

Bob has also helped Justin focus on his future. “Over the years I’ve always tried to instill the importance of education and how it is something that should be appreciated and taken seriously. Justin is now very focused on attending college and that is something that makes me proud,” Bob shared.

Something that is extremely meaningful to Bob is that Justin recognizes him on Father’s Day. “It has meant so much to hear Justin express how much he truly appreciates the simple things like having me attend his sporting events,” said Bob.

Justin shared, “I am more open with Bob than I am with any other adult in my life. It’s great that we can just go out to lunch and I can talk to him about absolutely anything.  When I am older and settled, I hope to be a big brother myself one day. I definitely want to give back and help someone in the positive way Bob has helped me.”













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